MAYAWEB: desde Cuba, veraz e inmediata.


Cuban State Security agent Dalexi 
 Gonzalez (Alejandro for the CIA) exposed US subversive plans against  

Cuban Television aired on  
Monday a 32-minute documentary film titled “Verdades y  
Principios” (Truths and Principles) with declassified information on  
US subversive plans against the island.

Part of the series “Las  
razones de Cuba,” the documentary film brings the testimony of a Cuban
  State Security agent proving how Washington set up in Cuba illegal coded  

information transmission and reception networks.

The documentary reveals the  
identity of agent Dalexi Gonzalez Madruga, who was Alejandro for the  
CIA´s subversive plans in Cuba, which have also been implemented  
against other countries.

The documentary also brings the  
statements of the director of the North American Division at the Cuban  
Foreign Ministry, Josefina Vidal, who pointed out that the  
“[US]subversive policy has been a permanent instrument of pressure  
against the Cuban government.”

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